Aug 29, 2009

TVXQ saranghae

DBSK!!!TVXQ!!!TOHOSHINKI!!! sarangheyo!!!

recently i've been a tvxq of the cassiopeias...ahahhaa....everyday everynight even in my dream, tvxq's song is in my mind... jaejoong,yoochun,junsu,yunho,changmin appears in my dream...arghh i dun know what to do?? dosuru?? dosuru?? the exam in nearer and nearer and wut i'm doin' now?? listening to tvxq song!!! but i' can't help it.. i love e'm so much... and the news about the lawsuit between the 3 members junsu,jaejoong and yoochun towards sm company is driving me mad....damn sm company or wutsoever...and as a die hard fan of them i wish that they are always together...and keep fighting...keep the faith!!! tvxq!!!hwaiting!!!!!!!!keep the faith!!!