Dec 19, 2009


ahahaha...WTH with me 4 years ago...i meant me when i'm 13? i read all those post that i write when i'm it's hilarious and it brings back the memories.. but u know..full of grammar mistakes...and even grammar suxx!!! felt quite embarrassed when peoples read this...ewww T_T

rite now..I dun have any happy day or interesting event that i wanna tell.. well... i do have.. a LOT...but at that time...i'm not online..i'm 'busy' preparing exam...actually..i'm not busy at all preparing exam...i'm busy checking out TVXQ! my favourite k-pop band! *sigh* why I did that?

you know what..i have a pen-pal from korea...well she lives in states.. well i enjoyed replying her messages and all that..and the important thing is that she also a TVXQ die hard fans!! just like well...she have a lots of korean friends most of them are like cassiopeia..well i dun give a d**n about that because well she's from korea! rite now..she have an important exam...well all high school have that stupid the sending and replying messages with me and her have been delayed..well quite bored..but i do have many activities hide under my

well...i dun have anymore tales to tell... it's boring saturday day! well i'm gonna watch chuck, naruto,ect ect reading mangas...bla bla

Dec 18, 2009

blog layout...

fuhh...i'm so exhausted...changing this blog layout and all that..all getting smooth...but as u can see...i don't have a tag board! which really annoyed..because when i put don't appear as it would be... well it's complicated..i think better get a new tag board...

spm ended well...ahaha..waiting for the results to come out..i'm nervous rite now..hope all went out and came out well..owh please..GOD please give me good results! it's a bit frustrated when some of the paper are too extremely difficult..errghhh

well..please wait..i'm gonna insert my new tag board on town..please introduce...ta daa!!