Jan 16, 2013


Hey!!! it's been a while isn't it? This blog is full with spider webs all over..erghh.. and it's been about 1 year and 6 months i don't update this blog. Feel sorry for myself and to the readers especially my friends who's been eager to read my latest entry..lol..owh well.. i'm here now.. A lots have gone through..and a lot's of them are bad memories, but there's good memories also.. forget about the bad things because it is a negative aura..just remember the good part..

Hmm..the facts that i'm arriving at home yesterday at 6.30pm is such a holly blissful day for me! ohh myyy goodness! i'm blessfull to be arrive at my home after stuck with all of those crappy exams which I ruined terribly on all the papers.. hah! i just prayed that i will passed all the test..God, pleaseee~ let me passs~~ so scared when thinking about it! 

There's a lot of changing at my house..there's a new car, new water dispenser, new this and new that and bla bla! i just felt everything is changing despite the facts that it is an old stuffs that I rarely see..lol 
That means that i missed my home so much that i felt everything is changing because i miss everything that was old..lol..so...my memories are corrupted then? haha! make sense!

Hey.about this blog, i will try best to recreate it and changing the design..just ignore the music player and the domo..eww..i hate the part when everything is broken in my blog and it needs a lot of hardworks to change everything all over again..goshhh...wut ever..

So, everyone! just wait for the new update and design ok! i will make my best and just wait and see~!! astalavista!

p/s : no emoticon because i want to write this entry fast, and felt sorry for the readers that want to download the link in this blog, because all link is dead! sorry downloaders! i will make my best to reupload all the broken links! just wait ok! ;)