Feb 5, 2014

What Type of Door Are U Into??

Hey there! it's been awhile isn't it? i mean it is tad awhileeeee after the previous post that i'm writing in here..just to let you know, i'm updating this because of several factors:-

1) i have lots of free time
2) i'm on college semester holiday
3) i'm at my sister's house which has strong internet wifi..yippeee! \(^0^)/
4) next semester will be my last semester in college...aha!

well, yeah..and i saw this shared post of my friend in facebook about door and personality and i think it is interesting, so i might share it with you and as note to myself that i am this kind of a person.

 the door

and i'm thinking hard which door to choose and i think i'm more interested in entering door #4! The results are sooooo accurate and that i can't resist to write in in this time entry! ( >0< )


#4 - You are an old soul that can be slightly dramatic. You are a very artistic person that loves to express yourself through writing, music, art or some kind of expression. You are a dichotomy; for you can be very open and friendly, yet closed and deeply private. You often have your guard up, keeping your thoughts and troubles to yourself. Although you might think that nobody will truly understand you, if you allow yourself to open up and share your feelings, you will feel so much better. Deep down you are not aright with any imperfections and you feel the need to come across as “the rock” in any group situation. Know that people are willing to share their feelings with you and want you to share your feelings with them. 

and that's all for today's entry.. awww so missing blogging very muchyyyy... till we meet again!

cc: http://connectiontocreative.com/

*current addiction : Ariana Rose on TV3, ANTM, Allison Harvard, Ann Ward, high fashion, snail cream, bags, shoes, shawl >< >< ><

Feb 14, 2013

Happy Reunion

oh hey guys! just came back from meeting my girls of 6on1, Thulkpo, Mailee and Kiwi(whom i don't meet for about 3 yearsss!!) and it was awesome! all of us get together and starts to talk about our past about our memories in high school which i don't remember those memories as much as them..actually i'm good at erasing memories unless being triggered by my friends to remember about them..erghh..such a D.I.S.A.P.P.O.I.N.T.I.N.G person i am..aha!

there's a lot of them actually and we just kept continuing to chat about it at BurgerKing Restaurant and burst out of laughter and i think and feel that the workers is waiting for us to get loose to somewhere else already..and i think we took a lot of pictures with kiwi's DSLR camera which is a very rare activities that we always do at KB Mall because usually we just wander around the kbmall, eat, and go home..boring... but today we took a lots than usual, haha and i like it!! and i think my posing skills is just rusty..lalalla~

and the important moments of the day is when we met Ustaz Azhar Idrus..i meant by coincidence we met him at this shop fulls of souvenir and cute stuffs, what we called it..amway?runway?wth..wut ever..haha! He does have this so many escorts around him and i thought i saw Faizal Tahir, but it is actually one of the man that escorts UAI..hmmm..spoiled..haha! I think he is a bit unease because there's a lot of peoples waiting outside of the shops just to see him, and there are some who entered the shop to take his pics silently..lol and i think he doesn't like it, so when he came outside, he said "so those who want to take pics, come over!" and then all of this peoples waiting outside get together and take pics together..lol..and including me and me friends of course! har har! heehaww! (actually at this time, i'm searching for hair band and failed actually..grr)

So, I think that's all for today's entry, and i'm sorry because you have to read this boring entry that have none pics in it!! but hey, just wait for it anyway! i will insert the pics later..see ya!! ;)

p/s: i promised to upgrade this blog+no emoticons..seems like i am too busy..errrghh..anytime maybe..mata na!!~~

Jan 16, 2013


Hey!!! it's been a while isn't it? This blog is full with spider webs all over..erghh.. and it's been about 1 year and 6 months i don't update this blog. Feel sorry for myself and to the readers especially my friends who's been eager to read my latest entry..lol..owh well.. i'm here now.. A lots have gone through..and a lot's of them are bad memories, but there's good memories also.. forget about the bad things because it is a negative aura..just remember the good part..

Hmm..the facts that i'm arriving at home yesterday at 6.30pm is such a holly blissful day for me! ohh myyy goodness! i'm blessfull to be arrive at my home after stuck with all of those crappy exams which I ruined terribly on all the papers.. hah! i just prayed that i will passed all the test..God, pleaseee~ let me passs~~ so scared when thinking about it! 

There's a lot of changing at my house..there's a new car, new water dispenser, new this and new that and bla bla! i just felt everything is changing despite the facts that it is an old stuffs that I rarely see..lol 
That means that i missed my home so much that i felt everything is changing because i miss everything that was old..lol..so...my memories are corrupted then? haha! make sense!

Hey.about this blog, i will try best to recreate it and changing the design..just ignore the music player and the domo..eww..i hate the part when everything is broken in my blog and it needs a lot of hardworks to change everything all over again..goshhh...wut ever..

So, everyone! just wait for the new update and design ok! i will make my best and just wait and see~!! astalavista!

p/s : no emoticon because i want to write this entry fast, and felt sorry for the readers that want to download the link in this blog, because all link is dead! sorry downloaders! i will make my best to reupload all the broken links! just wait ok! ;)

Jan 20, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, there live a girl who just came back to the most unexpected most controversial so called blogging world!! heahaha..hey guys! how long is it been! 5 months?? wow! how  my fingers craved to write in this blog so much..but since i'm a campus student now, time is like eating and eating till i can't write and done anything in this blog..to tell you the truth, i'm engulfed with so many assignments,exams and activities that it made me feel lazy and don't have any mood to write and post...
A lot had had happen, there's a lot of story to tell, pictures to show, but i think i shall do it later, or maybe not?hmmm..and since i'm on holiday for a month, i have lots of time to write and post what I'm thinking, or anything related. Yeah, i just came home..on 18th January, i successfully landed at my hometown..I still remembered, when the plane first landed on Sultan Ismail Airport, i felt touched suddenly because it's been five months i've been away! and I felt funny to rewind that moment..lol

So, back to the topic, why "once upon a time"??owh, because i don't have any idea how to start this entry?? you're utterly wrong!!! i put the title for nothing! i just want to promote that once upon a time is not just a classic starting to a fairy tail story! it is a story! a TV series and you must watch it! It's a MUCH-WATCH-TV-SERIES for all fairy tales lover. It mixed up with fairy tales and the modern story. It blends up well. So, let me tell you a little about what the story is about..

 once upon a time...

It starts when Snow White is in her crisis and is dying. Yeah, because of the poisoned apples that she ate? and came Prince Charming kissed her and she is revived! again!! and then, they got married. But, that's not all! There's more!!!! The Evil Queen come and tell Snow White and she will make Snow White suffer more than her! and there's a lot more came after that. There's a curse, that make all fairy tales characters trapped in a town called Storybrooke and they forgot all about themselves,their character, and what is important, they are not aging! They're immortal! and tell me.. what will you think of the Evil Queen become a mayor, Snow White works as a teacher? Jiminy Cricket, the grasshopper as a counselor?? and oh yeah..Snow White has a daughter named Emma Swan..and so what? why Snow White daughter is in the story? how does it related?? to answer your questions, you must watch it first.. it all happens in this tv series, and it gives me all an excitement and i do anticipating for the next episode every time i'm watching it. The series is on-going, so, of you don't want to be missed out, watch it now then..that's all from me!daaa!!c ya again!!

left, right, left right

 p/s : ahh...it's great to write back! ><

Sep 5, 2011

My Precious Eid 2011

 Selamat Hari Raya!! Maaf Zahir dan Batin!!!

Happy Eid 2011 to all muslims worldwide! Hmm..it's been a while isn't it? I've been so busied with Ramadan and upu preparations that i don't have time to update this blog for quite a while. My life is being hectic for this past two weeks and tonight i'll be leaving to KL and on 7th Sept, i'll fly to Sarawak! Isn't it fascinating??!! Like hell it is..erghh i don't want to talk about that. What I wanna share is some cheerful moment on Eid Day (30th August and 31st August; Malaysia Independence Day!!Merdeka!!!) It's been such a bliss when all my siblings gather together and take pictures together. In fact, i've been waiting this day to come! haha..and with all nieces and nephew went back to beraya at home, this house becoming bright as their smiles filled up every corner of the house! ahh~~ shiawase~~ it's a bliss for sure! So, i don't want to write much, just enjoy the picture then!

playing fire crackers

  the youngest nieces on Eid morning =)

almond cookies

honorable guests on Eid Day

 "say cheese!no!! ketupat la!! haiya!"

 my nieces

 who's cookie jar is this?

 at my aunt's house

our family eye candies~~lol

 in a car...(went to my uncle's house)

 owh! it's someone birthday!! = 0

that cake is totally delicious!!

about the birthday; it's Ame-chan's birthday on 30th August(the Eid Day)...it's a happy moment to all of us. The cake is awesome, chocolate strawberry cake from Secret Recipe, but i preferred cheese choc more!! awww~~ i'm drooling...so then, i don't wanna share all of the pictures here, it's pain in the ass if I do so. So, that's it...Till we meet again! Mata nee~~~

Aug 16, 2011

Finally!TVXQ is Back as 5 Again!!

Yeah! i wish so..Sorry to surprise you like that, but that happened in my dream just now. I dreamed of my favorite korean band who is also famous worldwide TVXQ a.k.a Tohoshinki in Japan and Dong Bang Shin Ki in Korea is together back as 5 again! As one of the cassiopeia, i really want all of them, 5 of them to be back together again..

I don't know why that happen, to tell you the truth, in my daily days, all i can think now is finishing all of my anime that i've downloaded. I barely think about TVXQ at all but i still keep updated about their news, stuff and all that. Not that i completely forgot about them, but i rarely think about them. But then just now, i've dreamed about them in my dream. After watching Ao no Exorcist ep.18, i went to sleep.If you watch AoEx anime, there's always commercials intruding..(lol) and one of those is this interesting commercial about Kochikame the movie and it's hilarious..(in that aoex ep.18).. I think my dream about TVXQ is based on that commercial.

In that dream, i've dream my TVXQ oppas ; Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho is making their comeback in Japan. and they're singing like angels. I don't remember which songs(they're singing their old songs not their comeback song..lol), but their singing ability is amazing as ever. To my surprise, they sing it in a place like hmm...anime expo or something, and in that dream, my role is as a cameraman! Haha...Not also that, when i heard them singing again as 5 and with their superb amazing voice, i felt sad deep inside, nearly to cry, i still remember how's my heart feels at that moment. and then, another dream came and my dream about my TVXQ oppas coming back as 5 again ended just like that. Then, i woke up and with throbbing head(feeling dizzy at this time), i've remembered that TVXQ is Coming Back as 5 Again..in my dream...

The end of the dream, now the present. JYJ's Junsu has released the MV of You're So Beautiful! Check out this mv below! Junsu is kawaii as ever..i love him so much!

p/s : ahhh..waste my time on this blog again...(but when it cames to TVXQ, i dare to do anything...;))

Aug 14, 2011

UPU Preparation Chronology

Erghh..i'm so clueless of what i want to write in this blog..plus the internet line is not so convincing, so this entry will seems like a lazy entry from me.Well, it's been 3 weeks already that i left this blog untouched. Being really busy with all animes and the uni preparation+slow internet line, i'm uber lazy(lol) to update this blog.(except superstar pv).So, with the lame title(because i don't have a single clue of what i want to write),i will start this entry of what happen in duration of 20th July to 1stAugust**.(at first i think i'll start on 15th July, but i've already wrote about it,the Melancholy Friday..remember??!)

Intermission (15th July-19th July)

It takes me 4 days to accept of what i have to face in the future.(lol) and at this time, i'm a lone ranger and want to avoid with all of my friends during this time..it's a critical time for sure.Well, it's normal and that's the real me though.I like to be alone and consulting my own self.=D But, thanks to my parents, without telling them of what i'm feeling at that time, they understand me well and totally supported me!Thanks abah!ma! *sob sob* and my sisters also!Through hard times, they help me, especially to Zan-oneesan. She helps me with the flight tickets!arigatou~~(touching2..haha) and to Zeni-oneesan, she calmed me down..lol

Week One (20th-23rd July)

Referring to the calendar, during those week, i'm so buzy with the photocopied stuffs and ect ect...documents that need to be sign and all of that stuffs..well, you know..that thing...lol (glad that the headman of my village is my neighbor! )

Week Two (24th-31st August)

I don't know what day, but me and my parents went to the bank and 3 other places!(but mostly bank).I help my mother with the withdrawing money things(at ASB??)and then we went to BSN and i withdrew some to be spend on a lot of things..bla bla..(ahh~~money~don't have much money left..)and then we went to the mall nearby(pantai timur hypermarket near pasar siti khadijah)and i think i've spent a lot..about RM300..waaaa~~~i should reconsider the price before buying!need to save up a lot!! tsk..why!??and then we went to pasar basah siti khadijah to fill in our stomach with fooood~~that porridge is just so-so to me..hmmph! and then bla bla...bla..aihh..and then we went to Islamic Bank to open my new bank account there..(needed for ptptn)ahh~~ so happy~~especially when outing with your parents!!

looks nicer on the outside..
Date : unknown

My dad brought be to KB Mall to buy a new watch after he knew that i have no wristwatch to wear. I have two wristwatches to be exact. My old Timex's watch strap is nearly split into two, but i still love it and it stays with me for all this time about 7 years! and it's still alive! owh~ i love Timex~ and the other one that my dad bought from a 'Bangla' , is missing in action..lol

 The one that i showed on the picture looks nicer outside and it's my dad who chose that watch since it's cheaper than the one i preferred..and of course, it's Timex..*smug*
Ironically, on the same day i've found the wristwatch that is so said missing in action, and I really regretted it for not trying my best to search the missing wristwatch.hmmm...

Week 3 (1st August**)

There's nothing happen on the 1st August as i remembered, but the real thing actually happened on the 1st day of August(1st Ramadan =D )I went for medical check up at KBMC(Kota Bharu Medical Center).At first i thought of making my medical check up on general hospital, because my friend said that it's is cheaper there than any other places.But, one thing to consider is that we have to make an appointment first..I've already mentioned about it to my father on week two, but seems like he ignored it..ehehe

So, yeah..I went to KBMC and it didn't take that long at all(1 hour), plus there's not a single patient there(because it's early in the morning at 9 a.m. or so..lol)But, one thing that i despised about KBMC is that, it seems like they're not friendly at all! and i really think that they're bullying me emotionally..(because i'm the only outsider there!) The doctor is so cold and barely smile at all!! Hmm, working in medical field is sure tough huh..?no time to smile at all!at all!!tsk...

The Present Time...

Arghh~ i got a date with Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae,Toriko,Naruto,One Piece,Durarara!!! and Welcome to the NHK!!got to to go!! chop chop!!!

p/s : arghh~~ should watch anime first!!!!