May 25, 2011

Reunion SNSD --> 601???! [caution : please read until the end]

 only my friends and me know about this...

woot?? what happen? does snsd break up???! reunion?? why only 6 of them??! that must be your random question up in your head. And the question is who the heck is 601?! Does they have any relation with the boy band group SS501?


Nah~ none of that is related at all! SNSD is not breaking up and 601 does not have any relations with SS501 at all! especially Kim Hyun Joong!
But once again, wth is 601??!! is that SNSD side group or what??!

601 is my group or what we call my cliques! 601 consist of me, Thul-kpo, Mailee Kim, Kiwin, Aemin, and side cliques (Shatchie, Shaker, Idan and Bill-ah)

p/s : sorry guys I made up ur name! haha

SNSD is just resembling us or in other words we resembling're not becoming another kpop group in Malaysia or something like 24:7 and Gula-gula Gila-gila, it's just our fanatic to kpop, that's all..So the anti-kpop Malaysia group, don't bash this blog! Read until the end ok!

definitely not becoming like them!



and the last question is, what's up with the reunion??

yup! it happened yesterday on 24th May 2011.. I don't have time to update it last night so i update about it today! It was such a wonderful reunion!

Well, why 24th May as the date to make the reunion??

Nothing special about this date really, one of my friend suggested us to take our SPM Cerfiticate(the official one!) and we decided that that day is the most suitable day of all days! Besides, I only go out in weekdays or the end of month! yeah..that's me!

Who is in the reunion??

ah~~ yes! This time Nawon is not around and basically is not in Kelantan, maybe busy studying at Cyberjaya?? (am I right about this o_o) So, her place is being replaced by my other friends that is Shatchie! We promised to meet at school, our old high school, SMK Ahmad Maher. The four of them (Thul-kpo, Kiwon, Mailee and Shatchin) came together by car! and the other one Aemin came with her parents..I think..

After those taking sijil spm something event, we take a tour around the school, well not around, i can say half of it! haha

What happen next??

Actually we promised someone to meet her at KB Mall...Guess who?? It's none other than my friend, Shaker...[dun be mad about this..'Shaker'...haha] After touring half of school, we went to KB Mall and meet Shaker there. Nothing interesting happen. We just do our old stuffs, loitering around going nowhere eat spaghetti at Pizza Hut (this part is a bluff, i don't eat anything,,really..) The funny thing actually happen at Pizza Hut. Me, Kiwon and Shaker accidentally press the 'call' button at the table, while most of us is not deciding what to eat yet! lol

this button! lol

So, tattaradatta! a superman came to save us! lol...nah~ nothing like that happen. Actually, a thin waiter came to us and press cancel..and ask "anything??" hahaha...we say to him, "sorry, we're undecided", with innocent face!

our innocent face...

and after that, we decided what we want to eat. But most of us is not eating! Weird right?? haha.. So, we call the waiter again. But, it takes time this time for him to came! I bet he don't trust us after what we've done to him! xD the other funny thing happened again! Kiwon accidently ask for a jug of coke! [this part is for me to be blame..gomenasai ]

After that?? 

 this is my home??!!*shocked*

We're departing in our own separate ways~~ After saying goodbye to Shaker, we went home with Thul-kpo's car. Well all the 5 of them sent me home! ohohoho It is interesting when your friend sent you home..Fast forward>> arrived at home at 7.00 p.m.. We say our goodbye~

*Dedicated to all my beloved friends who i mentioned in this entry*

A friend indeed!

I have a friend, a friend in word & a friend indeed.
A friend who loves me with all friends being & I love friend too.
My friend rejuvenates me
A friend of my youth,
A friend indeed!

I have a friend in word, my friend reminds me of my purpose in life
I can exhale with my friend by my side
My friend is good to me
A friend indeed!

When my friend is gone, I miss my friend already
But my friend has gone home because I am home for now
But the truth is our home is in our friendship.
I have a friend, a friend indeed!

My friend in word is my friend indeed and my friend in need.
Friendship is all we need & we have.
I have a friend a friend indeed!
By : Nandi Dumakude
p/s : that's what  feel towards all of you, we will be friends forever! arigatou minna!

---------THE END----------

kenapa aku touching nih??!!


  1. Ohho. Shaker ye !
    HAHAH. Nah, nothing to be mad of.
    I feel relieved somehow because you came up with that name instead of any other silly names. Muahaha.

    Btw, mmg rindu pon. muahah. Lepas je korang tinggal kan aku sorang2 tuh, perghh sedih woo.

    And semalam walaupon xde la buat pape sgt, tp mmg rase happy je. hihi

    Eh next time ade mase kite jumpa lagi yee .

    best sajak ko tu. haha. tak kesah la sajak ke mendalam woo..hehe..

    thanks yeah update kt sini. Aku macam malas je nk update blog aku. haha

    bye2, friends forever !

    SHAKER !

  2. hoho....begitu yer...nseb baik mung tok maroh...hihi...

    InsyaAllah kito jupow lg..ikut mood aku jugop la..haha xD

    that poem..I took it somewhere..i love that poem <3