Apr 29, 2011



  • watch anime
  • watch english series that i never watch before (including Chuck and House)
  • continue learning japanese language
  • posting at animetempest and nihonomaru forum
  • chatting with friends?? (currently ym and msn is not installed in this laptop o_o)
  • learn to cook from mom?/help doing house chores
  • play with my cat (Sipo-san desu! n_n)
  • update this blog =p

mah...i guess that's all i could think to do this holidays..

-to be update-

Apr 28, 2011



It sure takes a lot of time to write this time entry...I wait since morning to write this entry man! Wow..now i got the chance..Hey it's been 3 months already. Since my last entry about UPU results and that i'm leaving my house and bla bla..but hey! I'm at house! One week holiday! yeay! ^ 0 ^ Yeah the past that i'm on holiday for a week is a bliss to me..But the sad part is..While i'm at home, i got this hmm "disease" called fever..lol 
Hey it's been a long time i dun caught fever or anything. My mom said i rarely have a fever, just slight cold or something. That's usual stuffs for me..And the worst about this week holiday is that i got 3 essays to write and 3 articles to search for which i didn't start it yet. *sigh* Is this college? I start wondering..

p/s : actually i wrote this last year but i forgot to publish it...well yeah...at that time i had a fever for a week! 

Apr 26, 2011



yup! i'm at home now! i'm very happy because i can stay at my house now...
errr wut am i saying? i'm not ready to write at this time actually..my words came out crappy..
i'm sorry...

this time i will stay at my home for about 3 months! believe it! 3 months! that's a whole lots of time while waiting for my exam results to come out! erk...and speaking of exam... the last exam that i encountered is chemistry paper 1...I am... so do not want to talk about it...

ok now we're talking about the last day at my college...KMK...yeah...does everybody knows wut KMK stands for?? (yeah!!!*the audience applauding and shouting*)

yeah...kolej mara kulim...haha it's the saddest day...because the friends that i met there...i can't see them again..1 year staying at KMK..i met various type of friends...the happy go lucky person, serious type of person, cool, sporting, ehemm annoying
well...they are all my friends, and i'm very proud to have friends like them...not to be exact but i love all my friends

ok...i'm straying of what actually i'm gonna tell you on that day...actually on that day, 20th April 2011 to be exact, after taking my final paper, i rushed out from the examination hall..because my father promised that he will come at 11 a.m. (at that time it is 10 a.m.) yeah...my father stayed at homestay... i forget wut that homestay called but it's nearer to the college.

so after hugging and saying my final goodbye to my friends..especially the E-crews,  
i went to my room and packed wut is needed to be packed..(i hope my grammar is correct..lol if not..please forgive me u_u)

fast forward >>

my parents arrived....and my friend....mailee came to help and say goodbye....well her parents came late because of many reasons....and then...tada! i arrived home!!! guess what?? who welcomed me home?? it's G&W kitten!! yeah he once become G&W kitten...but now..he has official name that is Simon Paul Shinoda a.k.a Simpol@Sipo(kelantanese dialect) he came and nya nya to my feet..hehe xD

that's all for now i guess...this post actually should be post on sunday but  kept postponed it...hehe
sorewa...mata nee~~~