Jun 30, 2011

The Mystery Tortoise

Not so long ago, in a peaceful country where there's no single war or blood spilled, there lived a happy couple Pak Do and Mak Na. This couple live happily together. They also have a son called Pino. One day, while searching for food in a jungle, Pak Do have found a big, gigantic tortoise that he has never saw before! In amazement, he brings the giant tortoise back to his house.

"Okasan!okasan! Looks what i have found!!" said Pak Do to Mak Na.

Mak Na, who heard his husband shouting, ignored his husband.

"Tsk! What a bothersome husband! Why at this time??" said Mak Na who is busy watching her favorite TV show 'Domo in Wonderland'.

She then continued watching her 'Domo' when suddenly Pak Do entered the living room. At that time, Pino is in his room working out on his latest cloud invention. Hearing his papa shouting, he then rushed out to see what is his father shouting about. 

"What the heck is that otosan??!! That's..that's the most amazing tortoise i have ever seen! Where did you found it?? Can I keep it??", asked Pino who is trembling with excitement. Pino maybe looks like a strong, manly man, but when it comes to cute things like tortoise, cat or hamster, he becomes very excited and aggressive.(when it facts that tortoise is a giant and doesn't look cute at all!)
"Here, look at this tortoise! It's amazing isn't it??! It's the biggest tortoise I have ever seen!" said Pak Do.

"No, Pino. You can't keep it yet. Wait until i show this tortoise to our neighbors!" Pak Do continued.

"Alright then, otosan. Keep your promise. Don't sell it out on TV or any neighbors because that 'cute' thing is mine! MINE!!!" said Pino which in a frustration and furious mood.

Mak Na who is watching the whole father and son conversation, suddenly interrupt.

"Can I ask something here, otosan? Where'd our food??! Despite of food you bring back the useless ugly creature! Keep out that ugly creature from me!! Shoo!! Shoo!!" said Mak Na who is continuing watching her 'Domo' which currently bullying a mushroom like creature.

"aww man!" said Pak Do. "I will show you how amazing this ugly creature that you hate then. This tortoise will become famous in a short time because it has this big big body! BIG!!", said Pak Do who's annoyed with her wife.

He then mumbling to his self that he is gonna show it to all the neighbors and even imagining someone will actually buy that tortoise with a million grand and he will become a new rich person in town after that!

"Just you wait okasan. I will make this tortoise the famous animal ever in this town!" said Pak Do to himself.

He then walks to his neighbor's house, Pak No. Thinking that the giant tortoise is to heavy to carry around, he put the giant tortoise on the rock nearby and then knocked on Pak No's door.

"What is the matter Pak Do? Is there any problem??" asked Pak No.

"No, it's not that. You know what, i have founded a really big tortoise in the jungle! Look!" said Pak Do.

Unfortunately, the tortoise has gone! The big gigantic tortoise has actually gone! Pak Do who is in cheerful mood, become quiet for a while.

 illustration picture..

"No, no, no! This can't be happening! Pak No, believe me, there's actually this big tortoise that i want to show you about! But, it's suddenly gone!"said Pak Do in anxiety.

"Now, now, Pak Do.If you want to make a joke, please do it at another neighbor's house. Or else i reported this to the headman of our village!", warned Pak No.

"I'm really really sorry about this Pak No. I don't mean to disrupt you.But please believe me, there's actually one!The big gigantic tortoise that i believe you never see it with you own eyes!"said Pak Do earnestly.

"Aih, wutever. Now, can you please go!" said Pak No.

Disappoint, Pak Do shuffled back to his home. While walking, he kept thinking where does that giant tortoise go. Tortoise should actually walk very slow, but it just happened in a second that the giant tortoise is completely gone.

"It shouldn't happen this way. How in the earth that tortoise escaped? It should crawl slowly. " asked Pak Do to his self.

Then, Pak Do remembered something. Something about jungle spirits who can transform into anything. Trembling in fear, Pak Do who's famous for being calm what ever happen, run towards his home and shouted,

"It makes sense now!! That giant tortoise is the Tortoise Spirit!!"

----the end----

p/s : wth is tortoise spirit??


This story the true story that my father, mother and my brother told me about.They told me this story when i suddenly want a tortoise as a pet!lol and it actually happen in our family's everyday life!! I modified this story into a short story and add this and that to make it interesting. About the character Pak Do, Mak Na and Pino characters, well it's just the characters that I randomly created using my father, mother and my brother as the sources..lol and there's no such a thing like Tortoise Spirit. I'm very sorry if there's a lot of grammar mistakes that will actually disturbing you and making this story less interesting! So, then...c ya later!!

notes : okasan = mother/mom/aunty, otosan = dad/father/uncle

Jun 29, 2011

Saijou no Meii

 Synopsis :
A young boy named Mikoto Saijou was saved as a child by a skilled surgeon. After recuperating, the boy vows to dedicate his life to becoming the world's greatest pediatrician.

(Source: Baka updates)

Title : Seijou no Meii (最上の命医)
Alternative : The Best Skilled Surgeon
Type : Manga
Volume : 11
Chapter : 103
Status : Finished (in Japan)
            Ongoing (streaming)
Published : 2008 to 2010
Genres : Shounen, Drama
Authors : Hashiguchi Takashi (art)
               Irie Kenzou (story)
Host : Mediafire

Download : 


** if there's any broken link please inform me a.s.a.p. thank you =)

Jun 26, 2011

Vacation Chapter 2 Ended ??!!!(updated)

A Vacation with Friends...

on 20th June...

well well well,, since i got the pictures, i can start blabbering about my latest trip then..it's not latest anymore, well i'm kinda late for about 14 days(we went there on 20th June, so count for how many days it was been?) so yeah, we went to KL with flight for RM17 only!(pergi balik ticket) and it's a bargain you see! i save so much money from that trip..well yeah not so much (in facts i spent about nearly to RM100!)

And just to inform you, we have planned this since last year (my friend Wamy is the mastermind behind all this) There are 4 of us(me,Mailee,Wamy and Thulkpo) when it is supposed to be 5 of us, but one of us got some problems with her college stuffs and all. Poor thing..i'm hoping so much that she will join this trip
So then, we promised to meet at the airport about 11 a.m and the last person to arrive is the mastermind herself, Wamy.. Just imagine how would all of us felt on that day when all the tickets were all with Wamy??! But, thank God she arrived just in time..lol (i don't feel panic at all at this time )

 waiting patiently...lol

we board the plane at 12 p.m and flight took of at 12.20p.m...so, it takes about 1 hour to arrive LCCT...and felt so bored that i slept for a while..while on that flight, i felt my stomach flew all over up and down..i guess i don't eat much that morning, so i kinda felt weird..lol and in facts i do have thought about not boarding any flight forever..

on plane

the pilot sucks...
well, about that pilot, he's from Thailand i guessed based from the name, i don't remember his name, but i will remember about how he landed the flight forever in my mind!!! huahaha...(well i forgave him, because peoples do make mistakes so do the pilot)


LCCT..well it is not that big of an airport terminal and in fact this is the first time i step on LCCT..my first view when i landed on this terminal was that, "aaa~~ it's like Subang Jaya airport but much more bigger".From my view LCCT a.k.a Low Carrier Cost Terminal, is where all the flights from AirAsia gathered..lol we can see a whole bunch of AirAsia flights there! We can see MASCargo flight too! It is so big!! 

As we head out from the plane, we head out to the food court nearby, before going to our next destination, KLCC... and in facts we planned it out just in time we arrived there!(so busy with life that we have no chance in planning this trip at all..  )

 LCCT food court..

the inside of KLCC...

heading to KLCC...
we went to KLCC with a commuter from KL Sentral. We don't have that much time, so we decided to visit just one place in KLCC. So, we went to Kinokuniya, a book store! Oh~ i love book store~~ and this Kinokuniya book store is the largest book store so far that i've ever seen! In fact, i've been longing to visit Kinokuniya because there's a lot of mangas in it!!

checking the cover...lol

busy deciding which shopaholic is the best..
the first 3D manga i have ever bought!

ahh~~ it sure is a bliss to get hold of that yakitate!!japan manga! the smell of the ink...the feel when we touch the paper...lol..i planned to buy this manga for a whole lot of time since there's no one translate or share this volume in internet..
that night..

 korean street food resraurant...

We went to Korean Street Food Restauran in Sunway Pyramid..and this is my first time ever i step on this place and eat korean food!

eating like you starving for 100 days...

chal meogo iseoyo...??erk ittadakimasu!!

whose ramen is this??

 kimchi...hmm..not bad..

mailee's korea obento lunch box...

and then, we went to RM5 shop, i don't know the name of the shop but what i know is that, this shop is from Japan, so all the products in it are from Japan..am i right about this? i'm not so sure myself..this is once in life time opportunity..and i starting to 'rambang mata', and we got only 5 minutes to shop because the shop close at 10 p.m and we just arrived there at about 9.50 p.m!! at last i bought a pair of red slippers that we can wear it at home..ahh~ i got the name of the shop(after researching it for while)..it's Daiso shop!!

daiso shop...

after that...

We stay for one night at Mailee's sister apartment, Pana-oneesan. In facts, i do feel like, "owh what to do?should i buy something for gratitude?we're not disturbing aren't we??what would Pana-oneesan's friends would think??" Sort of many negative thinking came to my mind before the trip. But, it all went well, Pana-oneesan seems to be a nice person and her friends are cool too with us staying at their apartment Well we bought some thank you cake for them! and i just realized this, i don't pay yet to Pana-oneechan for that korean food that ordered!! i will pay it as soon as possible!!!omo...how can i forget about that..  

on the next day, 21st June...

On that morning, Pana-oneechan dropped us at KTM station nearby at Kelana Jaya, as i remembered. We said our farewell, and even it's such a short time, we have a good time spending in her apartment. So, as we planned, we went to...omo..what's the name of the place again..ahh~~ Berjaya Time Square desu! hehe well, Time Square..hmm...there's nothing much to do at Time Square in the morning because many shops are not operating at 9 in the morning!! ah~ not to forgot, we went there with monorail..(that is my first time too!) by the way, we went to Berjaya Time Square just to waste our time because our main plan is to go to Low Yat Plaza. Since, the Low Yat Plaza is not open yet at that time, so we wander through the Time Square! We even went to i-Socks shop. There's sure a whole lot of good stuffs in there. Someday, i have a wholesome lot of money, i will buy the shops! LOL


we went to Low Yat plaza of course! since i don't have that much kind of money, plus there's nothing i want to buy, so..i kinda bored at that place, even though i'm a gadget freaks and all that, when I don't have enough money, there's nothing much to look at..pathetic...*sob* but i do buy an ear phone..HP ear phone..it's for my laptop..and it's worth it..at first glance i thought i just a plain ear phone, but when i opened the wrapper at home, it have a microphone attached to it! Lucky me!

yup! this one!!

"i'm going on a mission..."

we spent about 2 hours there before deciding to go to KL sentral and from KL Sentral to LCCT..and at 3.30 p.m we board the plane and we departed exactly at 3.50 p.m..(am i right?lol). We successfully arrived at Faris Petra Airport about 1 hour after that..and i was the first person to go home..lol..What can I do? My parents already there! So, we say our good bye and it was an interesting and worth trip because the ticket only cost me RM17, i got a cool and nice friends to chill with, it's whole lot of new experience to me and i can see the life style of KL peoples..it's interesting enough...*cough*

-----the end of the another boring entry------

p/s : i edited this entry to make it short...lot of interesting events happen actually..

Jun 24, 2011

My Recent Activities(updated)

Sorry for not updating this blog for so long. It's been a week i'm not updating this blog with new stuffs and news about TVXQ,anime and stuffs. Sorry for that. In this thread you will not see any emoticon or smiley or pictures..(i will update the smiley and pictures later) Ok! back to the basic! i will talk about my recent activities that i'm so engulfed with it that i forgot/lazy to write..hehe

I've been...
  • watching animes about 4-5 animes a day!
  • reading mangas! have completed reading yakitate!!japan (i bought volume 26!!) it was awesome!
  • went for a trip to KL with my 3 other friends!(when it's supposed to be 4 of them and i will write about that later)
  • helping mom do the laundry ect
  • cooking
  • play with Sipo-chan
  • play Cityville and Empire&Allies in Facebook
  • joined Tinierme site
  • always twittering 
  • joined formspring.me (it is cool Q&A activities!)
  • translating lyrics in translatelyrics site...
that's all activities that i've being busy about that i do not have enough time to update this thread..actually it's pain in the ass when you want to say something but you can't..now that i have time, i feel relieved~~ i missed blogging very much actually...aww...blogging....i missed u~~~

 -end of entry-

p/s : it doesn't need any emoticon or pictures after all...lol

Jun 19, 2011

Amuro Namie(安室 奈美恵) ft After School - Make It Happen

Title : Make It Happen
Artist: 安室奈美恵 feat. AFTERSCHOOL
Lyrics: DOUBLE・Jorgen Elofsson・Erik Lidbom・Bonnie McKee
Music : DOUBLE・Jorgen Elofsson・Erik Lidbom・Bonnie McKee
Source: goo/peffy@hiphopvomit
Romaji: peffy
Watch Full PV Here!

tonight feel excitement munasawagi ga suru wa
itsumo to kawaranu SETTO RISUTO datte iu noni
dareka ga atashi o matteiru no?
all right wait a moment I will find you out

I found a man who has huge dreams and desires

michibiite ageru that's all gotta do
tenshi ka akuma ka sore wa nobody knows
just follow me cuz I know what you want


turn the lights on
turn the lights off
the invitation of coming here is only for you

come on come in  subete mitasareru  we're gonna make it happen

the gold the girls  subete afureteru cuz we can make it happen
don't be afraid don't be ashamed
nanimokamo yurusareru
love and dream  yumemisete ageru  koko wa your wonderland
turn the lights on
turn the lights off

how'd you like it ima no wa chotto shita PUREBYU-

I don't know why mada nani o tameratteiru no
you must be afraid but everybody feels the same
deal no nakami wa ato de oshieru wa

devil or angel?

I promise you that you will never regret to come

come on come in  subete mitasareru  we're gonna make it happen

the gold the girls  subete afureteru cuz we can make it happen
don't be afraid don't be ashamed
nanimokamo yurusareru
love and dream  yumemisete ageru  koko wa your wonderland
turn the lights on
turn the lights off

shinobiyoru kage ga hora

it's time to decide your heart

come on come in  subete mitasareru  we're gonna make it happen

the gold the girls  subete afureteru cuz we can make it happen
don't be afraid don't be ashamed
nanimokamo yurusareru
love and dream  yumemisete ageru  koko wa your wonderland
turn the lights on
turn the lights off
turn the lights on
turn the lights off

love and dream  yumemisete ageru  koko wa your wonderland

turn the lights on
turn the lights off
turn the lights on
turn the lights off

Tonight i feel excited, already feel uneasy
 Even though it's the same set list as always
I'm waiting for someone
Alright wait a moment, I found you out

I found a man who has his dreams and desires
Leading up that's all I gotta do
Is it Angels or Devils nobody knows
Just follow me, cause I know what you want

Turn the lights on, turn the lights off
The invitation "Come here" is only for you

Come on, come in
all your needs will be satisfied
We're gonna make it happen

The gold, the girls, everything will overflow
Cause we can make it happen

Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed
Anything is allowed
Love and dream,we'll show you the dream
Here is your wonderland
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off

How do you like it?
That was a little preview
I don't know why i'm still in hesitation
You must be in flavour, everybody feels the same
Do you know? I'll tell you the contents later
Devil or angel
I promise you that you will never regret you've come

Come on, come in everything is completed
We're gonna make it happen

The gold, the girls, everything will overflow
Cause we can make it happen

Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed
Anything is allowed
Love and dream we'll show you the dream
Here is your wonderland
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off
See, the shadow is creeping up on you
It's time to decide your heart

Come on, come in everything is completed
We're gonna make it happen

 The gold, the girls, everything will overflow
Cause we can make it happen

Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed
Anything is allowed
Love and dream we'll show you the dream
Here is your wonderland
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off

Love and dream I'll show you the dream
Here is your wonderland
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off

Translated by : sarahlovetvxq@blogspot.com
Edited by :lifestream@lyrictranslate
Check my works!@lyrictranslate.com

**you make take or copy what you want but please let all the credits to be in tag when you copy this lyric translation in your blog, forum or wutsoever related, thank you and onegai!

----------translation end---------- 

Jun 8, 2011

There She Goes...

There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

Do you know that song? There She Goes from Sixpence None The Richer? If you know it then sing the lyrics in your head! Haha..you must be wondering who is 'she' that i'm referring to??? Is it her??

i am the fame monster! gimme paws!! heahaha

No no no~~ blimey...i'm referring to GaGa?? yeah..she maybe make me say "there she goes again" with her weird performance and her "freakmeout" image...but nope..i'm not referring to her...but I do love GaGa! har har har

so...is it her then???


Is that??? nyah~~ not nyan the cat! nyah!!! nyah!! omg!! not her/him!! lol if I have that kind of species as my brother/sister..just kill me like this..  and to tell you the truth..that is not the original mak nyah..he is Malaysia's actor and he is manly..he is Ashraf Muslim...(am I spelling his name right?) He's a man!! he's definitely not a maknyah! it's just, he's acting in a drama that required him to be a Mak Nyah..that's all..for those who don't know what mak nyah is just click at the mak nyah ok!! haha
ok! enough with the puzzle! you sure wanna know who's i'm referring 'she' to?? it is.....none other than my sister! my 5th sister Zeny-chan a.k.a my best friend ever!!!

hell yeah!! xD

sister princess

that's definitely not my sister! it's an anime girl from sister princess..i don't have an image of my sister, so put that instead..so, you must asking me..what's up with "there she goes again"?? well this morning she's returning to Selangor!! it's so early! but, what can I do? she got a plan! i'm so frustrated when she said she's going early but meh~ we can meet up again on another school holidays and on raya!!  

it's a memorable weeks to spend time with your sister and with my family together..we went to kenduri kahwin, shopping together, spending time together, chatting, make jokes(well i'm the one who make jokes)..she even threat me some good stuffs! well a lot of stuffs that makes me feel sad, because i will be alone again at home...

she bought me this..Domo-chan bag desu!! haha..kawaii desu ne~~

domo domo domo

ahh~~i also missed my other sisters...but  it will be a long time to meet up with all of them! *sob sob* but...it's fine with me! i will kill my time spending time watching anime and surfing and lurking the internet! it's not the end of the world nee~ meh~ after those two weeks..now i'm sister free!! heahaha...freedom is mine!!! actually i'm looking forward to raya's day because all of my family will gather together!!! 
yeay! well then..c ya!!

---------the end of the another boring entry------------
p/s : the sentence about sister free sounds sad to me..lol