Sep 5, 2011

My Precious Eid 2011

 Selamat Hari Raya!! Maaf Zahir dan Batin!!!

Happy Eid 2011 to all muslims worldwide!'s been a while isn't it? I've been so busied with Ramadan and upu preparations that i don't have time to update this blog for quite a while. My life is being hectic for this past two weeks and tonight i'll be leaving to KL and on 7th Sept, i'll fly to Sarawak! Isn't it fascinating??!! Like hell it is..erghh i don't want to talk about that. What I wanna share is some cheerful moment on Eid Day (30th August and 31st August; Malaysia Independence Day!!Merdeka!!!) It's been such a bliss when all my siblings gather together and take pictures together. In fact, i've been waiting this day to come! haha..and with all nieces and nephew went back to beraya at home, this house becoming bright as their smiles filled up every corner of the house! ahh~~ shiawase~~ it's a bliss for sure! So, i don't want to write much, just enjoy the picture then!

playing fire crackers

  the youngest nieces on Eid morning =)

almond cookies

honorable guests on Eid Day

 "say cheese!no!! ketupat la!! haiya!"

 my nieces

 who's cookie jar is this?

 at my aunt's house

our family eye candies~~lol

 in a car...(went to my uncle's house)

 owh! it's someone birthday!! = 0

that cake is totally delicious!!

about the birthday; it's Ame-chan's birthday on 30th August(the Eid Day)'s a happy moment to all of us. The cake is awesome, chocolate strawberry cake from Secret Recipe, but i preferred cheese choc more!! awww~~ i'm then, i don't wanna share all of the pictures here, it's pain in the ass if I do so. So, that's it...Till we meet again! Mata nee~~~