Aug 14, 2011

UPU Preparation Chronology

Erghh..i'm so clueless of what i want to write in this the internet line is not so convincing, so this entry will seems like a lazy entry from me.Well, it's been 3 weeks already that i left this blog untouched. Being really busy with all animes and the uni preparation+slow internet line, i'm uber lazy(lol) to update this blog.(except superstar pv).So, with the lame title(because i don't have a single clue of what i want to write),i will start this entry of what happen in duration of 20th July to 1stAugust**.(at first i think i'll start on 15th July, but i've already wrote about it,the Melancholy Friday..remember??!)

Intermission (15th July-19th July)

It takes me 4 days to accept of what i have to face in the future.(lol) and at this time, i'm a lone ranger and want to avoid with all of my friends during this's a critical time for sure.Well, it's normal and that's the real me though.I like to be alone and consulting my own self.=D But, thanks to my parents, without telling them of what i'm feeling at that time, they understand me well and totally supported me!Thanks abah!ma! *sob sob* and my sisters also!Through hard times, they help me, especially to Zan-oneesan. She helps me with the flight tickets!arigatou~~(touching2..haha) and to Zeni-oneesan, she calmed me

Week One (20th-23rd July)

Referring to the calendar, during those week, i'm so buzy with the photocopied stuffs and ect ect...documents that need to be sign and all of that stuffs..well, you know..that (glad that the headman of my village is my neighbor! )

Week Two (24th-31st August)

I don't know what day, but me and my parents went to the bank and 3 other places!(but mostly bank).I help my mother with the withdrawing money things(at ASB??)and then we went to BSN and i withdrew some to be spend on a lot of things..bla bla..(ahh~~money~don't have much money left..)and then we went to the mall nearby(pantai timur hypermarket near pasar siti khadijah)and i think i've spent a lot..about RM300..waaaa~~~i should reconsider the price before buying!need to save up a lot!! tsk..why!??and then we went to pasar basah siti khadijah to fill in our stomach with fooood~~that porridge is just so-so to me..hmmph! and then bla bla...bla..aihh..and then we went to Islamic Bank to open my new bank account there..(needed for ptptn)ahh~~ so happy~~especially when outing with your parents!!

looks nicer on the outside..
Date : unknown

My dad brought be to KB Mall to buy a new watch after he knew that i have no wristwatch to wear. I have two wristwatches to be exact. My old Timex's watch strap is nearly split into two, but i still love it and it stays with me for all this time about 7 years! and it's still alive! owh~ i love Timex~ and the other one that my dad bought from a 'Bangla' , is missing in

 The one that i showed on the picture looks nicer outside and it's my dad who chose that watch since it's cheaper than the one i preferred..and of course, it's Timex..*smug*
Ironically, on the same day i've found the wristwatch that is so said missing in action, and I really regretted it for not trying my best to search the missing wristwatch.hmmm...

Week 3 (1st August**)

There's nothing happen on the 1st August as i remembered, but the real thing actually happened on the 1st day of August(1st Ramadan =D )I went for medical check up at KBMC(Kota Bharu Medical Center).At first i thought of making my medical check up on general hospital, because my friend said that it's is cheaper there than any other places.But, one thing to consider is that we have to make an appointment first..I've already mentioned about it to my father on week two, but seems like he ignored it..ehehe

So, yeah..I went to KBMC and it didn't take that long at all(1 hour), plus there's not a single patient there(because it's early in the morning at 9 a.m. or, one thing that i despised about KBMC is that, it seems like they're not friendly at all! and i really think that they're bullying me emotionally..(because i'm the only outsider there!) The doctor is so cold and barely smile at all!! Hmm, working in medical field is sure tough huh..?no time to smile at all!at all!!tsk...

The Present Time...

Arghh~ i got a date with Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae,Toriko,Naruto,One Piece,Durarara!!! and Welcome to the NHK!!got to to go!! chop chop!!!

p/s : arghh~~ should watch anime first!!!!


  1. awe im so sorry i cant be there for you..

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM same goes to me..didn't get the course that i want..anyway..what kind of course you take in UNIMAS??

  3. @anonymous zoology.... =)