Jul 16, 2011

Melancholy Friday

I know today is Saturday, but I must tell you what happened yesterday on Friday...

Guess what's my reaction after reading that..?? i was like and haha...oversea in Malaysia??! wa da hei??it's so far away? and what is sains and pengurusan sumber haiwan??! wth is that?? i don't ever heard anything like that before??!!

I shed tears at that same time i read it.. frustrated, annoyed, pissed off, sad...and more more!! but then, while i cried, i think why animal?? ahh~~ sou desu! i love animals that's why.. Allah knows it better than I am...
The Almighty God knows what is suit for me best. So i just accept it as the way it is..I don't have any more tears to shed. I can't change that offer. Even one single words from it. I can't change it. (well yeah if i edit it in photoshop >_> )
My mood suddenly changed. I'm not in Cityville mode yesterday, so i left not playing it (it's because of the slow line tsk) and i not barely to eat. Feeling dizzy all over thinking of what should tell my parents. How do they react and all that. Alhamdulillah, they accepted it as it is but i can see it on my father's face that he's frustrated some kind and in state of shocked too.(or is it my mind?)
Yeah who's parents  not feeling shock when their daughter/son got send to a far from home state??! Tell me??! (well there's some parents who accept it the way it is..lol)

Then, today i checked again what is meant by that course on UNIMAS portal. What i've found, my course is in Zoology Faculty. Zoology Faculty...well yeah..i will learn about wildlife resources bla bla and what i can conclude is that i will work with animals, an animal scientist or wutever it is. Yeah,I indeed loves animal very much especially cats but wildlife animals??!! and the learning scope, when i read of what i'm going to learn, looks like, it will be a little to hard..

Hmm.. i think that's all....actually when talking about this, i still feeling sad deep inside, tried to act strong wutever. But i accept is as the way it is. It is my destiny... I will work hard for it then! yeah! ganbate!!! Sarah hwaiting!!!


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM


  2. Hwaiting! Actually my mom would love if I go far far away hehe..

  3. be tough gurl!~ aku paham perasaan ko~ huk3~

  4. wahhh.. tahniah tahniah

  5. Anonymous3:34 PM

    tahniah..and tahniah..again the tahniah..

  6. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Woohhh!!..tahniah3!!..ok ar zoology..aku sangat paham perasaan ko time dpt result tuh..aku pon mengalami bende yg same..=[[[