Jan 2, 2010



What is your resolution this year?? me>>

*watch all animes that is available
*learning japanese,korean,franch and mandarin..
learn languages at livemocha
try it..it's fun!!
*posting at every forum..if i can
*downloading all animes,j-doramas,k-drama if i can
*can't wait chuck season 3 to come out! >< (is that a resolution) *not eating too much (can't help) *be nice with everyone..try not hurting their feelings(wish i can.. haha) ~to be update soon~

wow..i'm not posting for a long time...these past years...2008 have gave me a lot of memories..memories of my senior year..batch 2008.. well 2008 have many sweet memories and bad memories as well..i will not forget that...wasurenaide~

2008 good/happy memories
~having a group 601--we share many things together..we've done many things together
~having a lively class 5 al zahrawi...i'll not forget the boys in our class(not to mention who)
~ forgotten...lol

bad memories
~my cat Noir Black Shinoda died on 23/12/2008 *sobs*
cause of death : unknown (believe being beaten by some d**n villagers)
~war between classes
~class being hated by some teachers.. =(

*here are some entry for December 2008 15/12/2008
~kim junsu's birthday!!sweet 23(24 korean year) junjun oppa saranghae!! ><
junsu oppa!생일축하해! seng il chuk ha hap ni da~ seng il chuk ha hap ni da~ seng il chuk ha hap nida junsu oppa~ seng il chuk ha hap ni da~~~~~~


~attend my sister's lil brother in law wedding in taiping,perak..
~my father have to borrow his nephew car..because u know..my father's car is quite old and is not suitable to be use in far journey..lol (i'm happy that time..one family goes for a trip (= )


#think that i have to write some obligation to my cat.. T_T
#OBLIGATION to be update...