Jan 16, 2011

mid-sem holiday chronology 2011


JANUARY 13th 2011

I have exam on that day.. Chemistry exam to be exact. It's kinda suck anyway but it's waste of time to think about it again. Soon after that, it's time to go home!! Balik Kampung!! wooaaa~~ balik kampung!!! Yeah! After a month and 2 weeks i got a chance to go home! we swish and swoosh woop! into the bus! and tada! at that evening..i arrived home about 6.30 p.m

JANUARY 14th 2011

Nothing to do much at home. Just sit and relax and watch House and Chuck. Just one episode each..lol

JANUARY 15th 2011

Heehaw! This is the moment i've been waiting for! I bought a Sony MP3 Walkman! E-series NWZ-E453/L
It's baby blue and it have the coolest design that i have ever seen! it also have the karaoke function and others that i can't describe it all here! Well i want to but it will be too long if i describe it here. It will become an essay if I do that. haha xD

JANUARY 16th 2011

I have a kitten!! I call it G&W KITTEN! Sounds like a brand name but it's my new cat in house! Yeah! My parents brought it home this morning and i'm so engulfed with it! He keeps mewing and mewing...Aww so cute >_< 

p/s : that kitten in that pic is not really the G&W KITTEN.. it's someone else kitten whose pic i took from google image.. kudos to the one who took that pic! It's really resembles my new kitten..= )

-to be continued MID-SEM holiday chronology-