Nov 3, 2010

weird dreams...


Well everybody have dreams...But have you ever dream about something is unrelated to you at all??! I keep thinking and thinking what would my dream that i got early this morning would mean?When i woke up this morning, my head spinning kinda hard and it made me feel like an insane person!

Ok...straight to the point. This morning i have dreamed about something related and unrelated to me. Meaning that i have 2 dreams today. The first one is about i lost my laptop at my old school (primary school) SKTR. The second dream is about things that unrelated to me at all! But I directed that dream as like i'm the director!. It is like i'm watching japanese drama or something like that but the dreams got nowhere and keep rewinding. lol

About the first dream...

The Missing Laptop

The venue is in my old school. It starts when my old school friends(Not and Jue) and I are together. We planned to buy burger. So after we bought the burger we went straight to the toilet! *no study scene! lol xD* and i brought my laptop with me! I put the laptop outside of the toilet.

So, when I went out from the toilet, guess what i saw? My bus! my school bus that once i've rode in it! With pak cik Fauzi as the driver! Rushing out from the school, i forgot about the laptop. I have to run because that pak cik Fauzi drove the bus as he is racing in F1! I managed to catch the bus with bliss and to my surprise, the bus is equipped with 2 doors! For all this days, i only remembered that the bus i always rode only have one door only. So, when i'm in the bus, guess who i saw? Haha...dreams dreams...sleeping toy dream is.. I saw mailee in it! My buddy! But it dun surprise me much in that dream. Maybe because i already know that I am in the dream at that time! So i sat beside her and then to my realized i have forgotten about my beloved laptop! So i told the driver to stop because i forgot my laptop! At first he don't want to. But i insist saying that it just for a while. At last he heard my voice and stop. I rushed out from the bus and went straight into the school. When i enter the school, the inside of the school is not school anymore! It's someone company! I dunno what kind of company is it. Looks like a computer lab to me. What ever!

In that dream, i forgot where i put the laptop. lol. and then with anxious feeling i panicked. I asked one of the worker did he found a laptop? He said nope. At that same time, i thought about the bus which is waiting for me and the other passengers. They will reach their home late because of me. So, i gave up looking for my laptop and rode the bus at last. You know wut? Screw that dream! when i'm in the bus, i remember where i put the laptop and at the same time the bus is moving! "oh well..." (,") -the end of dream part 1-

the second dream...

Japanese drama??!

Ok.. the second dream is unrelated to me at all! I'm the director of that dream! But to my surprise, all actors and actress is from japan! I dunno who, but i think it is! The second dream begin like this....

I think it's the continuity from the first dream. When we're in the bus, the driver turned to an old mosque. That mosque is kinda small and everything is green in color! Soft green. It's beautiful! So, we went out and enter that mosque(but i think it's a surau...o_o) Outside the mosque, we found gamelan made up from bamboo.. or it has another name? I dunno. So i played with it. and another passengers who i dun know play with it too.. and then someone got kidnapped! or so i remember..Then i realized that i'm in a building with a boy i dunno too..(this is the main actor i think..haha) We searched for the girl who's being kidnapped..(this is the heroine..) and then, i dunno how both of this japanese boy and girl play with each other. and to my realized...I've become the japanese boy! running! with the girl! like we were practicing for some sports...u_u -the end of second part dream-

i know this dream is kinda bored..i just wanna know wut kind of dream this is about. what's the meaning behind. Maybe i missed my old but what about the japanese drama kinda dream is all about? lol
well wut ever..If u have any comment, just write it here. I know this blog is not gonna have the readers. Well wutever! Seeya next time then! jaaa~~~ mata! xD


  1. Haha was there me in that dream??
    LOL it sounds totally crazy dreams ever..well at least from you huhaha!!

    Its great when you still can write that dream down..haha u as a boy?? Haha its funny and out of ur world right?

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    unlucky you because i wasn't there in your dream..