Feb 14, 2013

Happy Reunion

oh hey guys! just came back from meeting my girls of 6on1, Thulkpo, Mailee and Kiwi(whom i don't meet for about 3 yearsss!!) and it was awesome! all of us get together and starts to talk about our past about our memories in high school which i don't remember those memories as much as them..actually i'm good at erasing memories unless being triggered by my friends to remember about them..erghh..such a D.I.S.A.P.P.O.I.N.T.I.N.G person i am..aha!

there's a lot of them actually and we just kept continuing to chat about it at BurgerKing Restaurant and burst out of laughter and i think and feel that the workers is waiting for us to get loose to somewhere else already..and i think we took a lot of pictures with kiwi's DSLR camera which is a very rare activities that we always do at KB Mall because usually we just wander around the kbmall, eat, and go home..boring... but today we took a lots than usual, haha and i like it!! and i think my posing skills is just rusty..lalalla~

and the important moments of the day is when we met Ustaz Azhar Idrus..i meant by coincidence we met him at this shop fulls of souvenir and cute stuffs, what we called it..amway?runway?wth..wut ever..haha! He does have this so many escorts around him and i thought i saw Faizal Tahir, but it is actually one of the man that escorts UAI..hmmm..spoiled..haha! I think he is a bit unease because there's a lot of peoples waiting outside of the shops just to see him, and there are some who entered the shop to take his pics silently..lol and i think he doesn't like it, so when he came outside, he said "so those who want to take pics, come over!" and then all of this peoples waiting outside get together and take pics together..lol..and including me and me friends of course! har har! heehaww! (actually at this time, i'm searching for hair band and failed actually..grr)

So, I think that's all for today's entry, and i'm sorry because you have to read this boring entry that have none pics in it!! but hey, just wait for it anyway! i will insert the pics later..see ya!! ;)

p/s: i promised to upgrade this blog+no emoticons..seems like i am too busy..errrghh..anytime maybe..mata na!!~~

Jan 16, 2013


Hey!!! it's been a while isn't it? This blog is full with spider webs all over..erghh.. and it's been about 1 year and 6 months i don't update this blog. Feel sorry for myself and to the readers especially my friends who's been eager to read my latest entry..lol..owh well.. i'm here now.. A lots have gone through..and a lot's of them are bad memories, but there's good memories also.. forget about the bad things because it is a negative aura..just remember the good part..

Hmm..the facts that i'm arriving at home yesterday at 6.30pm is such a holly blissful day for me! ohh myyy goodness! i'm blessfull to be arrive at my home after stuck with all of those crappy exams which I ruined terribly on all the papers.. hah! i just prayed that i will passed all the test..God, pleaseee~ let me passs~~ so scared when thinking about it! 

There's a lot of changing at my house..there's a new car, new water dispenser, new this and new that and bla bla! i just felt everything is changing despite the facts that it is an old stuffs that I rarely see..lol 
That means that i missed my home so much that i felt everything is changing because i miss everything that was old..lol..so...my memories are corrupted then? haha! make sense!

Hey.about this blog, i will try best to recreate it and changing the design..just ignore the music player and the domo..eww..i hate the part when everything is broken in my blog and it needs a lot of hardworks to change everything all over again..goshhh...wut ever..

So, everyone! just wait for the new update and design ok! i will make my best and just wait and see~!! astalavista!

p/s : no emoticon because i want to write this entry fast, and felt sorry for the readers that want to download the link in this blog, because all link is dead! sorry downloaders! i will make my best to reupload all the broken links! just wait ok! ;)