Aug 16, 2011

Finally!TVXQ is Back as 5 Again!!

Yeah! i wish so..Sorry to surprise you like that, but that happened in my dream just now. I dreamed of my favorite korean band who is also famous worldwide TVXQ a.k.a Tohoshinki in Japan and Dong Bang Shin Ki in Korea is together back as 5 again! As one of the cassiopeia, i really want all of them, 5 of them to be back together again..

I don't know why that happen, to tell you the truth, in my daily days, all i can think now is finishing all of my anime that i've downloaded. I barely think about TVXQ at all but i still keep updated about their news, stuff and all that. Not that i completely forgot about them, but i rarely think about them. But then just now, i've dreamed about them in my dream. After watching Ao no Exorcist ep.18, i went to sleep.If you watch AoEx anime, there's always commercials intruding..(lol) and one of those is this interesting commercial about Kochikame the movie and it's hilarious..(in that aoex ep.18).. I think my dream about TVXQ is based on that commercial.

In that dream, i've dream my TVXQ oppas ; Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho is making their comeback in Japan. and they're singing like angels. I don't remember which songs(they're singing their old songs not their comeback, but their singing ability is amazing as ever. To my surprise, they sing it in a place like hmm...anime expo or something, and in that dream, my role is as a cameraman! Haha...Not also that, when i heard them singing again as 5 and with their superb amazing voice, i felt sad deep inside, nearly to cry, i still remember how's my heart feels at that moment. and then, another dream came and my dream about my TVXQ oppas coming back as 5 again ended just like that. Then, i woke up and with throbbing head(feeling dizzy at this time), i've remembered that TVXQ is Coming Back as 5 my dream...

The end of the dream, now the present. JYJ's Junsu has released the MV of You're So Beautiful! Check out this mv below! Junsu is kawaii as ever..i love him so much!

p/s : ahhh..waste my time on this blog again...(but when it cames to TVXQ, i dare to do anything...;))

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