Apr 4, 2010

Friends Meeting...


yeahahaha....more details? tomorrow i will update this..it's kinda late......=_=

to be continued~


This friend meeting actually being planned by one of my old friend Nadz that i don't see for many years. Since she lives in other state and she came back in Kelantan to visit her village i think. So she mailed me a message saying that "why dun we have a friends meeting?" So i replied of course why not? So i asked her to message one of my friends Thul Kpo..haha since she is the one who is responsible in arranging many of our friends meeting. Some kind like a manager..xDD 


We promised to meet up at KB Mall. It was fun. Because there's an event that i suddenly mistaken some person who looks just like my friend. It was so embarrassing. We LOL at that exactly time. And one my friend Mailee Kim i caller her said " you're silly!" lol xDD

And actually in this friend meeting there was 4 of us. Me,Thul-kpo,Mailee Kim and my old friend NadZ.
Well NadZ brought two of her brothers along. So they kinda stick with us together. It's really interesting to see NadZ and her brother have the same interest that is anime and korean dramas! haha xDD
It's good to have lil brother huh? >_< And her brothers seems like good person too..

Then we went to McDonald and eat what we must eat. I ordered McChicken. Actually i'm bored with McD!
And then we took our own path. And i gave NadZ a hug and pat her on the back. Wave goodbye and that's all of it! It was really fun! hehem i kinda anticipate more friends meeting after this...

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