Jul 6, 2011

Nostalgic and Sweet Memories...

 Childhood Memories...

not my drawing...
ok....just now i'm so bored that i do not know what to do..so, suddenly i have this instinct where I must search all my old note books(the one the small me always adore and write in it) and luckily i have found it! All my note books, the cute note books big and small and i've been keeping even i'm moving out for about 3 different houses, but i still kept it with me..well actually that instinct came because I want to remember about this one film that i can't remember the title. I love that film so much but i can't remember the title..(i forget the title already..)
 pictures as illustration only...

So as you to know, when i'm small, when i found some interesting movies/drama/anime/books, i will write a synopsis about them. I even make a list of them. Top 10 movies, top 10 animes and ect ect..So, i start searching for them and they're still there! Guess what i've found? A whole lot of note books..the cute one, stickers,origami papers, sketch books.(but mostly note books)..and i suddenly realized that i love writing, in other words, i keen on writing since I was small, and that showed me, that i must involve in this type of career. But, i stray from that part; i choose the Science part instead because i love Science!and i'm in the wrong path am I?? i can do both! and I even imagine, i will have my column in a newspaper or magazine one day...lol (i know, this will not happen >_>) but anyway, it's good to have a dream right???! right??!!

I also realized this when I found all the note books and what is 'the small me' wrote :-
  • it gave me a whole lot of ideas, ideas when i'm small but i don't finalized it....
  • i is sure amusing and released my stress even though i'm not that stress(i laugh out loud when i read what 'the small me' wrote..(this is sure a weird sentences, i hope you understand this)
  • i have received a lot of gifts from my friends and I realized what a nice kid I am when i'm small, it really differs at the state of who I am now..and i can even say that i'm kinda that 'B' word person because i have made a lot of bad doings..(only i can see this..lol)
  • many of my note books is a biodata books, but i don't even bother to ask my friends to write in it, i wonder why and only my brother and sister wrote their biodata in that biodata book..lol (why i'm so bothered to ask my brother and sister's bio?i already know them..silly..'the small me' is very silly..
  • i also realized that, when we're small, what a pure heart we have..you see, all my friends have a really nice and warm heart that they even give me gifts on my birthday, throw me a surprise 'go away' party..lol (i have lost the word for 'go away'..what's the suitable word eh...hmm)
that's all I think..it was surely amusing when i read all of  what 'the small me' had wrote, 'the small me' dream. How naive I am when i'm small, and it's totally a whole lot different than what I am now. So, to all of you who have read this, why don't you do the same as me.. Find 'the small you' things, treasure, sketches books or what ever what 'the small you' had done...(except that...hmm..if you already burnt all the 'small you' treasures, don't even bother to search.. so, then...Good Luck!!!

-----end of another boring entry----

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  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    my childhood was quit boring..not interesting at all..but still i missed my childhood as i grown up now..ermm~