Jun 2, 2011

10 things that i just realized/know

I just realized that...

I just know that normal hen lays eggs! normally I would thought it like this, the hen will only lay eggs when there's male chicken(rooster) around.I also thought that only hen specialized with laying eggs will lay eggs! But it seems that all my knowledge about chicken is wrong! normal hen lays eggs too! but the eggs will not fertilize because there's no rooster around! so, no matter how long the hen brood the eggs, it will not hatch! aww..poor the hen..she waits for so long to be a mother!

p/s : i realized this when i'm watching a hen at my house that lay eggs near my house!

I just realized that...

I learned more from anime than discovery channel and national geographic channel! heehhaaw! well, of course there's a lot more info in Natgeo and Discovery channel, but i learned things like japan cultures and more from watching anime like Croissant in France is made up from butter so their shape is normally straight like this..

 butter croissant

 rather than this....normal croissant that made up from margarine!

margarine croissant!

ohh...i'm drooling rite now~~ oishiso~ ano croissant wa!! 

p/s : yakitate!! japan's author,Takashi Hashiguchi sure knows a lot about this things...

I just realized that...

There's many interesting stories that my parents have that I don't know about! There's a lot of funny and scary stories too! So, i want to hang around with parents more so that I know a lot of stories to share! heahaha

I just know that...

There are birds who fly at nights besides owl..according to my father, a bird named burung sita, is the bird who fly at night! i don't know how it looks like, the burung sita..i try to google it, but i don't know which one is burung sita!! aaa~

I just know that...


Chicken come first before eggs! The scientists have already revealed the legendary riddles long time ago~ i just knew about this when i'm searching for the hen pictures!! You can check out the articles here : chicken or egg come first??

I just realized that...

I posted too much lately! and i hang out a lot on blogger!

I also realized that

There's so much visitors that dropped by my blog that i believed that they are the visitors from another blog. The statistics is making it mistakes! It happens like this because i put a picture that links to another blog! So, the statistic machine make it mistakes a lot! At first, i was so happy because there's a lot of visitor who read my blog. But, actually it's the other side...*sob sob* seems like this blog has no reader at all!

p/s : i often wondered why the vacation chapter one thread is so famous..it turns out that it's making false alarm...awww~~ i'm so frustrated... but..not all thread is like this! my blog has it own fans i believed...lol

I just realized that...

It's just wasting time to share all the files that I have in this blog...especially in this blog download section...

I just realized that...

I downloaded too much animes without having time to watch them! It happens all the time when the internet line is fast! and i should stop adding animes that i want to watch in myanimelist . and in fact, right now i think that i should stop writing this and finish all the animes that i have downloaded!

I just realized that...

this is another boring thread that i will put in this blog that have just a few readers! sounds pathetic right? well yeah! i will put it anyway! who cares? who knows, when I'm old i will start searching what I've done in my young days..and lastly..i just realized that i'm so hungry when i'm writing this, and i should stop now and go to eat! and i also realized that, i'm making the title with 10 things that i just realized/know when in facts there's 12 of them, and I should write 12 things that i just realized/know instead of 10! but then, once again I just realized that there's nobody who really cares about this when they're reading my blog! because what they care is the emoticon that i put in this blog!!!

p/s : quite twisted huh? my sentences?? hahaha...take your time then!!

----end of another boring entry------

p/s : i just realized that..the red cat is becoming my trademark..


  1. whats with that 'normal hen' term?haha anyway like this post.kinda funny & informative at the same time..croissant eh!

  2. Anonymous12:51 AM

    i learn so many things..