Apr 28, 2011



It sure takes a lot of time to write this time entry...I wait since morning to write this entry man! Wow..now i got the chance..Hey it's been 3 months already. Since my last entry about UPU results and that i'm leaving my house and bla bla..but hey! I'm at house! One week holiday! yeay! ^ 0 ^ Yeah the past that i'm on holiday for a week is a bliss to me..But the sad part is..While i'm at home, i got this hmm "disease" called fever..lol 
Hey it's been a long time i dun caught fever or anything. My mom said i rarely have a fever, just slight cold or something. That's usual stuffs for me..And the worst about this week holiday is that i got 3 essays to write and 3 articles to search for which i didn't start it yet. *sigh* Is this college? I start wondering..

p/s : actually i wrote this last year but i forgot to publish it...well yeah...at that time i had a fever for a week! 

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