Jun 1, 2011

Kiss&Cry Yunho's performance, achieved one million views within one week!

[TRANS] 110530 "Kiss & Cry" Uknow Yunho's performance, achieved one million views within one week'

"K&C" Uknow Yunho achieved one million views within one week! A performance which attracted much discussion, the footage of Uknow Yunho's expressions who gained explosive attention during last week's episode was aired again.

On the afternoon of 29th during the broadcast of SBS's segment of 'Good Sunday's "Kiss & Cry" (simplified as K&C here), Uknow Yunho's 'Hommage to Michael Jackson' which gained everyone's praises last week for its solid skills was once again introduced.

On this day where the show aired exactly one week before, this footage managed to obtain a record of 1 million views worldwide in an explosive manner, where Uknow Yunho only had 2 months of practice. For the sake of digesting the choreography, Uknow Yunho who exhausted all his strength and practiced till the middle of the night expressed that it feels like he became a rookie once again and ignited his desire to win.

Uknow Yunho chose the concept of 'Hommage to Michael Jackson', and while it was his first time ever ice skating, he showed amazing skills that were unbelievable and won the cheers of the audience.

From when he entered the stage, Uknow Yunho made use of the shining lights on his hat and skates as decorations to attract attention, and with choreography such as moonwalking, he presented a show akin to an MV.

Showing skills that combines speed and music, jumps with high difficulties and spins caused everyone to be shocked and made the whole judging panel do a standing ovation. In the end, he obtained the highest marks at the first broadcast.

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 watch the video here!!! 

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p/s : ignore what that japanese mc speaking..just concenrate on yunho..ok!


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