Mar 9, 2006

sad day...

the saddest day in my life...sob today I cannot hide my feelin towards all my fwens and seniors...I can't handle my own feelings when the situation is relate about friends...and school >.> even I cried in front of my cadet's's embarassing....:'( and that is my 1st time crying at school...I never cry in front of the pplz not even once..this is my 1st time...ewwwwwwww so embarassing....and I can't hadle my feelings when somebody ask me about my moving out with soft spoken voice.... T.T so touching and make me to cry...and my classmates make me a surprise farewell party to me todae...I'm so touch and it makes me want to cry again and again..and when I heard some songs about makes my tears dropped out over and over again...T______T and it that party they all give me sweet...and the memories will stick in my mind forever and ever after... and the crying part....ewwwwwww....I can't forget about it....and I think that's all for today's eyes very da's time for me to sleep! zzZZZzzzZZz
sayonara and oyasuminasai minna san! matane!!!

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  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    So many ewwwwwww...ahaha!!