Mar 6, 2006


hek hek hek...ahahahha....I'm happy todae although the time for me to left my school is near T.T *sob* y I am happy? = D I got a secret tutor teach me jap...ahh dun wanna tell y'll la...adezz yesterday I'm not on9 ahhahaa..I'm makin my homeworks until late at 3.00 am...huyyo! power tuh! heheheh....I'm observing some malay language element in my blog..since I read about articles in news paper about 'penggunaan bahasa' maybe sumetimes I will write ma blog in malay version...sumeday sumeday...and hmm...wut am I wanna type? --'' wut ever... I'm counting my day.. sob sob waiting for me to leave the school that have many memories in it...many friends in it..and sweet sweet memories in can I leave for such a good school? [sigh] or should I live in hostel? but my mom...she dun give me permission to live in hostel? toshio? ewwww....I can't imagine it and I dun want to imagine how my life will begin there... and that's all for todae...till we meet again tomorrow..c ya and kombawa!

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