Jun 24, 2011

My Recent Activities(updated)

Sorry for not updating this blog for so long. It's been a week i'm not updating this blog with new stuffs and news about TVXQ,anime and stuffs. Sorry for that. In this thread you will not see any emoticon or smiley or pictures..(i will update the smiley and pictures later) Ok! back to the basic! i will talk about my recent activities that i'm so engulfed with it that i forgot/lazy to write..hehe

I've been...
  • watching animes about 4-5 animes a day!
  • reading mangas! have completed reading yakitate!!japan (i bought volume 26!!) it was awesome!
  • went for a trip to KL with my 3 other friends!(when it's supposed to be 4 of them and i will write about that later)
  • helping mom do the laundry ect
  • cooking
  • play with Sipo-chan
  • play Cityville and Empire&Allies in Facebook
  • joined Tinierme site
  • always twittering 
  • joined formspring.me (it is cool Q&A activities!)
  • translating lyrics in translatelyrics site...
that's all activities that i've being busy about that i do not have enough time to update this thread..actually it's pain in the ass when you want to say something but you can't..now that i have time, i feel relieved~~ i missed blogging very much actually...aww...blogging....i missed u~~~

 -end of entry-

p/s : it doesn't need any emoticon or pictures after all...lol

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