Jun 8, 2011

There She Goes...

There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

Do you know that song? There She Goes from Sixpence None The Richer? If you know it then sing the lyrics in your head! Haha..you must be wondering who is 'she' that i'm referring to??? Is it her??

i am the fame monster! gimme paws!! heahaha

No no no~~ blimey...i'm referring to GaGa?? yeah..she maybe make me say "there she goes again" with her weird performance and her "freakmeout" image...but nope..i'm not referring to her...but I do love GaGa! har har har

so...is it her then???


Is that??? nyah~~ not nyan the cat! nyah!!! nyah!! omg!! not her/him!! lol if I have that kind of species as my brother/sister..just kill me like this..  and to tell you the truth..that is not the original mak nyah..he is Malaysia's actor and he is manly..he is Ashraf Muslim...(am I spelling his name right?) He's a man!! he's definitely not a maknyah! it's just, he's acting in a drama that required him to be a Mak Nyah..that's all..for those who don't know what mak nyah is just click at the mak nyah ok!! haha
ok! enough with the puzzle! you sure wanna know who's i'm referring 'she' to?? it is.....none other than my sister! my 5th sister Zeny-chan a.k.a my best friend ever!!!

hell yeah!! xD

sister princess

that's definitely not my sister! it's an anime girl from sister princess..i don't have an image of my sister, so put that instead..so, you must asking me..what's up with "there she goes again"?? well this morning she's returning to Selangor!! it's so early! but, what can I do? she got a plan! i'm so frustrated when she said she's going early but meh~ we can meet up again on another school holidays and on raya!!  

it's a memorable weeks to spend time with your sister and with my family together..we went to kenduri kahwin, shopping together, spending time together, chatting, make jokes(well i'm the one who make jokes)..she even threat me some good stuffs! well a lot of stuffs that makes me feel sad, because i will be alone again at home...

she bought me this..Domo-chan bag desu!! haha..kawaii desu ne~~

domo domo domo

ahh~~i also missed my other sisters...but  it will be a long time to meet up with all of them! *sob sob* but...it's fine with me! i will kill my time spending time watching anime and surfing and lurking the internet! it's not the end of the world nee~ meh~ after those two weeks..now i'm sister free!! heahaha...freedom is mine!!! actually i'm looking forward to raya's day because all of my family will gather together!!! 
yeay! well then..c ya!!

---------the end of the another boring entry------------
p/s : the sentence about sister free sounds sad to me..lol


  1. Wooa its tough eh,,its ok^^ ya2 I know sixpence none the richer!! love this song~ Kawaiii~ domo bag..u know wut i almost buy one!! Ashraf Muslim?? huhu

  2. Anonymous12:45 AM

    it is so disgusting to see Ashraf Muslim dressing like that..Oh god!! i'm going to vomittt!!..weekkk!!