May 2, 2011


Go Away Insomnia!

Yup! as the title goes i am completely a miserable person. well not miserable, but   Lately, i've been not into good sleep and ended up waking up late. It takes so much effort. I set alarm on my phone but i can't wake up! It's not like usual me. Usually i will always wake up when my phone alarm is ringing. What should I do eh? Last night i tried to sleep and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes for me to be unconscious! hah! what is going on with my body? It's look like my brain is hyperactive and I can't stop thinking what to do tomorrow, what had happened around me, ect. I tried various ways to cure this problems and experimenting with myself. Well, some of it are working to me. So, to those who have same problems as me, you can try these tips! (well I still experimenting one of these things too, so do not mad at me if one of those ways are not working to you!)

1) Find the most comfortable pillow, try to fix and move it as long as you comfort with it.
2) Stop thinking! Instead think about something purple, as I read about it somewhere that purple/violet color can make us feel more calmer
3) Find a suitable sleep position and try to sleep with this new position.
4) Make yourself tired. Dance or do some exercise! 
5) Read. read something that bores you out. e.g : reference books/encyclopedia 

notes : this tips is not coming from the expert but originally from me. so, do not blame me if one of my tips do not work on you! =p

Well, for further investigation of what is wrong with my body, i Googled about insomnia and I found an article about 'How to Cure Insomnia In 7 Days' . Well, the one who wrote that article said that, there are more natural ways to cure insomnia instead of drugs and sleeping pills. This is what he wrote :     

" Why Those Other Insomnia Cures Don't Work, At ALL!
You might not know this, but the main cause of insomnia happens to be an overactive brain. Those other so-called natural cures for insomnia you've heard and read about -- things like drinking herbal tea, glass of warm milk, improving sleeping environment, breathing in herbal aromas, full-body massages, deep breathing exercises, light exercising before bed, etc. -- they focus on relaxing and calming the body and NOT on fixing the brains heightened activity.
Using those "relaxation" methods usually results in the symptoms of sleep deprivation being only PARTIALLY eliminated. This means you're still going to have trouble sleeping each and EVERY night. If you want to COMPLETELY eliminate the effects of insomnia from your life, then you MUST address your heightened brainwave activity.
The Only Natural Insomnia Cure that Does Work
By now, you know quite a bit about brainwave entertainment and how it works -- after all, why else would you be here? On the off chance that you don't know anything about it, here's a quick run down of how it works.
How to Cure Insomnia With Sound (AKA Brainwave Entertainment)...     Step 1: Pop in the Brainwave Entertainment CD.
    Step 2: Get into Bed.
    Step 3: Try to Go to Sleep as You Normally Would.
    Step 4: Sound waves from the CD are quickly "heard" by your brain and copied thoroughly.
    Step 4 Continued: Since these sound waves (which are a collection of rhythmic beats, gentle pulses, and     soothing tones) have been scientifically calibrated & composed for the purpose of fixing heightened     brainwave activity, you'll quickly start falling asleep.
    Step 5: Within 10 to 20 Minutes, you'll be fast asleep and you'll sleep soundly through the night.
    Tomorrow Morning: When you wake up, you'll be completely refreshed and will have no desire to plop back     down on the pillow for more sleep. In short, you just won't NEED to sleep anymore because you'll feel     completely refreshed & revitalized."

source :

aha! the writer said that listening to brainwave entertainment CD can help us, but guess what have I found. I found the negative effect! I found this forum, and found that the person who listened to that brainwave have experienced a whole lots of negative effect of listening to the brainwave entertainment CD that he believes can cure his insomnia! This is what Blue have said :-

My symptoms included: 
  •  mild detachment from reality
  • sensitivity to light
  • sensitivity to loud noise
  • mild fear
  • mild anxiety
  • confusion
  • short-term memory problems
  • difficulty sleeping
  • vivid dreams
  • difficulty being social

 Aww...poor Blue-san. I hope that he will get well soon! So, my advice is do not ever believe 100% of what you read or listen. Instead, try to ask the expert and ask their advice of what you heard or read. Why am I writing this too long? Well..wut ever, who cares! See ya later!

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