May 19, 2011

no! no! no!!

i just finished watching Chuck season 4 finale episode 24! and it was just horrible!!! omg! i can't believe!! wtf  is going on??! is this some kind of joke??!! what would season 5 of chuck is going to be??!or there is no season 5? with Chuck and Sarah married... I don't even expect this would be happening...i'm so terrified over it right now!

ok...that's not exactly what i'm look like when i'm shocked >_>


the second part is about my final results at matriculation college...i got 3.** to be honest my pointer is dropping a lot! a whole lot!!! i dunno what to say...i don't want to say much bit i'm depressed about my result a little bit...and I know what is going on to make the results goes down that much.. it's all because of! me! and I noticed a lot in the 2nd semester.. i don't study much like what i used to be in semester 1.. and because i take for granted that easily with my first semester final exam result....

for now i'm searching what is good for me with my low i started using's really helpful to those who is don't know what is good and to help us by searching what course is good for us depending on our see there's a lot of people who is undecided what course to take and what to be  in the this is...try it out!

so...that's all from me...ahh...not to forget, i will update in this blog about my vacation with my parents to my sister's house in Selangor... n_n
mata ne~~~

p/s : i'm sure you're not excited to read about the

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  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    ooo I guess its the end already^^