May 26, 2011


Wazzup with zombie??? why i put in the title "Zombie"??! It's creepy right? I don't even expect about it..zombies in my house??!!!

that zombie is scared?? of me??

well actually all of that is part of my dream..i dream about it this morning, to tell you the truth, it's my first time dreaming about zombie! I don't remember much about the details, but in that dream...aih it's so complicated to tell you about the dream. It involved two places. One, when i'm watching a family scene...bloody scene..where killing and blood everywhere..the background is quite dark..[i think i sweat a lot at this time]

and then, mom suddenly disturbed that dream...(thanks ma! ) but unfortunately, it's getting even worse! after my mom go away, i continued to sleep.... err    and guess what, I continued dreaming about the same dream. But, this time the situation is different! I'm the victim in my dream and I saw many weird things :-

One : 

My brother kill the cat that is my house, i don't know if it is Sipo(my cat) or not..i'm not so sure..He even asks me to kill it! I don't remember the detail. But, I think my family is too desperate to get a food, so that's why we have to kill a cat? and there's Sipo, so we have to kill it! aahhh~ kowai~ At first, it was me who have to kill the cat. But, i don't have the heart to do so. Then, my brother kill it for know what? My brother kill the cat by sticking it with lidi penyapu! He's so evil in my dream, my brother is. He even stabbed the cat twice! (it's disgusting and the most cruel dream ever)

Two : 

Okay, now you will wonder..where's the zombie? is this a bluff?? there is a zombie! I don't even believe this, but my uncle is the zombie! His face is so scary! and I dunno how to describe it next, unless you ask me..hoho

My conclusion about the dream :

1) I think i missed the game called "Zombie vs Plant" a lot..

2) My uncle that I mentioned just now phoned my mother last night so that she can help him with something...(my subconscious mind is sure weird...)
3) I'm afraid that Sipo-chan will die like my other cats..Comei-chan, Noir and others...      

so what about you? do you have any weird dream that are weirder than me??

  ---------end of another boring entry--------

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