May 23, 2011

Vacation Chapter One Chronology [**Updated**]

So as I promised i will tell you about my vacation with my parents to my sisters' house in KL and Selangor! Ah~ some of you don't know that i went for a vacation with my parents for 5 days between 11-15th May! Yup! I'm absence at that time. I want to update about my status, but I'm yeah..[it's been a week since that vacation and I want to update about that?? what am I thinking??!!]

10th May 2011

Well i'm preparing myself. Packaging my bag and stuffs while lurking at fb... 

 this pic is as illusion only...

That evening...

My brother came from his work and he drived us to Railway Station at Tumpat? I forgot..gomen Yup! i went there by train! My father bought couch that have bed in it so that we relax and sleep. The train took of at 7.02 p.m and  the journey took about 12 hours! So, of course a bed is exactly the best choice! and i'm enjoyed sleeping. But, actually i can't sleep at first because, you know the train is kinda shaky

11th May 2011

We arrived at KL Sentral at about 8.30 a.m. Wow! KL Sentral is so big! I'm amazed. it looks like KLIA! Ahahaha...We kinda lost there.. You see, i'm not that familiar with that place even though it's not my first time there! It's my second time! Meh~ it's the So, my father asked a worker there about how to ride a commuter. Because my father don't want my sister who is at Selangor to take us at KL Sentral! It's far! KL to Selangor,  especially in the morning, it traffic jam! So, that worker (auntie) showed us.. She's so kind and nice. She even take us to where should we go first and she even stay with us to the railway underground! But, unfortunately we so engulfed with what to do next that we forgot to say 'thank you' to that auntie! Aww...i felt so terrible.. Autie, i'm sorry and want to say thank you for your kindness [I know that auntie is not gonna read]


We rode a commuter to Batu Tiga in Selangor because my sister promised to take us there! Yeah! It's sure is interesting to ride a commuter because we can watch many types of people there. Especially in the morning, it's really interesting! aha

Fast forward >>

12th May 2011

I went to my first sister's house! Yeay..It's a flat and she lives at 8 storage flat! Phew~ that's enough to make my adrenaline flowing out fast! I'm kinda acronophobia you that term right? We stay for one night there. Maybe, some of you wonder why i'm staying at her house? Well, God know why....

13th May 2011

 why a States flag??

We went to my second sister's house! Yeay! and so, some of you will wonder what i'm doing there! Why we're moving like we're hippies that have to migrate everyday?!? Well, this is parents visiting their daughters! It makes sense! They want to know what's going on with their daughters daily life! I'm exaggerating it to much..Sorry ...hohoho!  There, i'm not doing much. My sis have a rabbit! A white cotton fur rabbit..It's so cute! n_n

 it looks like this rabbit but is smaller that this!

At evening

My fifth sister come to my sister's house![I should name my sister! xD] ah~ it's a reunion! but in a weird way! We went to Jakel, you know what is Jakel?? It's the Largest Textile Gallery in stated by that company..I'm just copying it and paste..haha Well it sells a whole lot of textile and fabrics! We went there because there's a sale...about 70% i think..and then we bought and bought. I have a new baju raya and this is first time to have English Cotton fabrics as my baju raya! Do you know what it looks like, the English Cotton fabrics??Google for yourself!

 what a coincidence, i found the right one..>_>

14th May 2011

My 3rd sister came to bring us to her home. At this time my 5ft sister is coming along! and....


ok! this is my last update to this entry! i have about it enough! lol

on the 14th May 2011 evening... 

 this picture is a bluff..i can't found that restauran! >_<

my brother-in-law(my 3rd sister's husband) took us to Kuala Selangor??(forgive me if this wrong..) yeah! He took us to eat at Restoran Ikan Bakar! Well, this restoran have it's own specialties. They serve only fresh seafood I believed..and it came out so delicious! especially kerang bakar when we dipped it sambal belacan sauce!(aku orang melayu derr..sambal belacan tkleh tinggal...)and  sotong celup tepung! i really love that! i'm so full with those seafood , but I don't think I eat a lot of it...(.i'm not so sure about this..)

We ordered quite a lot...i don't remember about it much. But we ordered fish stew, lala masak what??? and  ahh~ i give up it's all delicious!! it really is!!!

15th May 2011
 Sit and relax at my 3rd sister's house~ Lalala~ packaging my bag, because that evening i will go home..yeay!

that evening...

rode a train with abah and ma...this time it's sit more sleeping in soft and comfort bed! well, we decided to try sit couch this time..and I think it was really sucks! my back is aching because of the chair! it can't be move! well we departed at exactly 8.30 p.m..[i skipped the part which my sister and her husband sent us to KL sentral and eat KFC..xD ]

 this is not so~~ me...noo....nooo

15th May 2011

Arrived at Tumpat??? railway station(is it Tumpat?? o_o..) and someone took us..well it's my aunt's husband that took us home...that's it!  we arrived at about 10.00 a.m.

-------the end of vacation chapter one---------

what a boring entry...

-lastly updated completely-

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