May 1, 2011

you may enter the university...


most of you..well my friends which are ex-matriculation students are wondering when will we enter the university? is it on July or in September? but i think most of you have know about this. But to those who don't know yet, this news might be a good news for all of us! well, when i search it on google, guess what I found??! the answer la! haha 

thanks to these guys (ameng and azah) i have found that we will enter the university after Eid! So, we have time about 4 months!meh...why i'm dragging this? straight to the point! it's on September! not on July but on September!! please shoot me....

ok...thanks for that anyway   well we're going to enter the university on 3@4th September 2011..Yup that's right, not so much time to spend 'raya' with your family eh? I know, they are cruel!

well, the Ministry of Higher Education will introduce their new academic calendar which will start in our year! so yeah! we're their guinea yeah! lol

as for me, i don't know what am I going to do for that long..can you imagine, for 4@5 months i will stuck at home doing nothing and suddenly there's a headline on News Street Time saying "A Girl Died of Boredom" owh no!! so, yeah guys we have to confront the reality. this is the truth! you have to plan what you should do this holiday! what ever your plan is make sure that it will satisfied yourself. Don't waste time anymore! 4 months! remember about that guys, 4 months!

so, what do you think about this? if you drop by please spare your time and comment on what do you think about this...see ya next time! lalalala~

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  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    you should go to work..find some job..HAHAHA!!